Define uncategorized. uncategorized synonyms, uncategorized pronunciation, uncategorized translation, english dictionary definition of uncategorized. adj. 1. Uncategorized: 1 adj not categorized or sorted synonyms: uncategorised , unsorted unclassified not arranged in any specific grouping. Uncategorized. taking art to the people. exhibitions. heliopolis sp brazil 2019. vantaa art museum finland 2019. lagos 2018. los angeles 2018. berlin 2018. sao paulo 2018. The two biggest reasons you should avoid using “uncategorized” are fairly straightforward: it makes you seem careless, resulting in your blog appearing unprofessional. it doesn’t help your readers find the content they’re looking for. when you have blog posts listed as “uncategorized,” it simply looks like you forgot to classify the. Categorize definition, to arrange in categories or classes; classify. see more.